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Bunget 2 Lake, Bratesti

Bunget Lake 2/Bratesti is near the road Bucharest-Targoviste at 60 km from Bucharest and 10 km of Targoviste (when you come from Bucharest you turn left at Halt Stag(rom. lang. Popasul Cerbul )).

Map Place

Fishing rules on the lake for 2009:

1. Sport fishing is allowed during the day (06-19 hours) and during the night (hours 18-06).

2. Must be allowed fishing with a maximum 1-5 lansets set up with only 2 hooks from shore.

3. You can plant only by boat with remote control and access is restricted on the water with pneumatic boats. On demand you can plant for a price with boat of lake.

4. Tax: 100 RON/12 hours. Fisher can hold no more then 8 kilo crap or cteno and deduced all caras that he catch.

5. Fishes that not have size stipulated by the law( 500 grams for crap and cteno) will be launched soon in the water alive and able to care without being hurt or traumatized.

6. Fishes more than 4 kilo must be release because they are considerate reproductive(cteno and crap) and istead of them the fisher will receive a coupon for another free fish party.

7. Is not allowed to field night without permission of lake administration to pay the field tax and set the place. For the night fish you can reserve with a tax at mobile phone: 0722 691 481.

8. You can't fish with more then 2 hooks on one fishing tool and you can't fish with prohibitive tools.

9. The fisher must present for inspection his capture or vehicle at the request of authorized personnel.

10. There are banned loud music, screams, and parties on the lake to let other fishermens to fish in silance.

11. On the lake you must drive with low speed without honk.

12. Lake administration reserves the right to select clients.

13. If one of that rules fail lake administration can finish the fish day of fisherman.

14. They have room-service on the lake.

Administration lake: Bogdan Caba
Mobil phone: 0763 263 306 / 0722 691 481
Skype id: bogdan189

Oltenita Swamp

Credits Photo: Ovidiu Georgian

Oltenita Swamp is situated on Bucuresti-Oltenita National Road, on the right side when you came from Bucharest. When you pass over Curcani place, follow the former canning factory Valea Rosie then you're faced with two swamps on the right side of the road, near a forest. The landscape is complemented by a small orchard, a few caravans, and not less important, some people experience with you smile and make you feel immediately that they would take care to be thanked.

Pond is situated at approx. 50 km from Bucharest, 6 km from Oltenita and includes 2 tanks made by escavare and embankment, with an area of approx. 1.5 ha, with an average depth of 2.5 - 3 m. Water is provided by underground springs. Very good access, any time. For those who do not have own car, minibus forming between Bucharest - Oltenita may be a means of transport practical.

Tax: 100 RON( almost 20 Euro/30 USD) and included no more than 5 Kg or you can fish on the small swamp with 30 RON( almost 7 Euro/10 USD) and included no more than 3 Kg fish.

Depths: 2,5-3 m.

Species: Romanian Crap, Cteno, Fitofag, Caras, Somn, Pastrav introduced experimental.

Pool is managed taking into account the advice of an engineer fishing.

Fishing with 3 tools.

Carasel beginners can catch on the second pool on the ground, where they are admitted only lines.

If you need they can offer you sun umbrellas, net fish, tool for pull out the fish from water(rom. lang. - minciog).

You can find there a small fish magazine with lines, hook, cork, lead or a minibar with: juices, mineral water, water paid, beer. You can camp there, barbecue sites and beach don't miss from the picture. The swamp is equipped with toilets.

New: Fishing is allowed and night in C & R (catch and releasing) system. The further you get from government lake at tel: 0744772989.

Administration : 0744772989

Movilita Swamp 1,2 and 3

Movilita Swamp is situated on DN2 (National street), between Bucharest (exit through Colentina) and Urziceni, 35 km from Bucharest, on the left side is a blue panel marked with yellow: Sport Fishing Movilita Lake 1,2 and 3.

You leave DN2 on the left besides the flag and go 900 meters on a gravel road ballast and bricks, reached on a pier where the pool from right is Movilita 3 (70000 sqm), the pool from left is Movilita 2 (140000 sqm) and continued to Movilita 2 basin is Movilita 1 (70000 sqm). All have the same depths, 2-3 m.

Tax: 40 RON( almost 9 Euro/13 USD) for 5 fishing tools/12 hours.

Depths: 2-3 m.

Food plantation cost 40 RON( almost 9 Euro/13 USD) for 5 fishing tools. It is paid only once and are planted whenever the customer wants. Each customer can set his own boat or any other boat from the dock.

Species: Crap, Ten, Caras, Fitofag, Novac si Somn.

Fisher can hold no more then 15 kilo; The Crap, the Ten, the Salonta under 1 kilo fall back; the Somn fish also fall back regardless of weight; The Caras it shall not be counted in the limit of 15kg and can be deduced in any quantity.

(The fishing is alowed at night too)Can fish at night.

Near the swamps there is a balcony dressed in reeds with concrete platform, which is located a large grill that can be used by anyone who wants.

Administration : Dan Duzi.

Contact persons:
Mr. Decebal mobil phone: +40766699141;
Mr. Nicu mobil phone: +40766692644.

Fundulea Lake

Fundulea Lake is located 30 km from Bucharest, in Fundulea locality.With about 500 meters before the entrance of town Fundulea, route Bucharest-Fundulea Pantelimon on the right side of the road, see a blue panel (Sports Fishing Fundulea 7).

Is left and go approx. 800 m to reach an embankment, off on the right is Fundulea 7. The lake has an excellent fishing potential is inhabited by Carp, Salonta, Caras, Novac, Fitofag, Salau, Cteno.

Landscape beauty, cleanliness and great fishing make each game fishing to be successful.

Species : carp, salonta, caras, novac, fitofag, salau, cteno.
Recommended bait for fishing there: frame, little worms , special food named in Romania "Pufulete" or beans.

Fisher can fish with 5 tools and can hold more than 7 kg but Carp under 1 kg will be issued.

Tax: 40 RON/12h (almost 9 Euro or 13 USD per 12 hours).

For reservations you can contact the administration at phone 0723658273 or email

Mostistea Lake

Credits photo: Panoramio

Mostistea Lake is located at 90 km from Constanta, in Manastirea locality. It is the second area of the lake country where the first is Razelm.

It's a lake where you can fish especially peaceful for fishing peaceful fish like Carp, Caras, Platica. Also you can fish Salau which is consider an important attraction for the lake.

Lake area: 2560 meters
Depth: 2-5 meters

Species : Crap, Caras,Platica , Salau, Cteno, Biban, Somn.

Nocturn fish: no

Boat: no

Accomodation: no

Fisher can hold no more then 7 kilo.

Tax: 15 RON/24h (almost 3 Euro or 5 USD per 24 hours).

Record lake: 15 kilo Salau, Somn of 25 kilo, 15 kilo Crap

For reservations contact: Sultana Farm - 0721-692.788.